About Me

I am an herbalist who has studied western herbalism and functional medicine health coaching. I weave both together, along with my personal consultation style, to offer clients a wide range of information on how to step forward into health and turn over their leaf. I work with clients on an individual basis to find balance and harmony in their body. I use tools such as herbs, food, movement, mindset and lifestyle changes to cultivate vitality and wellness from within. My approach is more about holding your hand as you walk your own healing path. There is no greater empowerment than having a knowing in the ways your body works and the ways nature is here to support life. I believe everything is interconnected, and I work to uncover the hurdles that are prohibiting people from living their healthiest most empowered life.


The Healing Power of Plants

Humans have an ancestral relationship that is beautifully and lovingly intertwined with plants. Herbs produce powerful constituents to support their own vitality. Our bodies have tuned into this and utilize these constituents to help balance in various ways. Together, we explore a variety of herbal applications which will support you in achieving your wellness goals.



On some level — we all know how important sleep, exercise, and stress mitigation are to our overall health. In our busy and hectic lives, however, these items seem to fall off the list. Redefining your relationship with these key elements can fundamentally shift the way your genes express health and wellness. Together, we can craft an individualized plan to help you evolve your relationship with these core lifestyle elements that hold the key to your well-being.


Mindful living

Lifestyle, food, and herbal approaches to stress mitigation

The research is in, mindfulness is good for you. Sometimes, though, we have difficulty following through. Perhaps it is simply a matter of devoting time to it, or maybe you could benefit from an herb to help you come into the experience further, perhaps nourishing your system more intentionally will provide a deeper capability to find your way to committed stress mitigation that works for you. We are all individuals and require different things, we work together to help find the things that will work for you.


Food as

”Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food.” —Hippocrates

Every bite of food we eat relays information to our cells to promote healing and health or degradation and disease. There is nothing more empowering than knowing what we are consuming at each meal is making us more more vital and resilient. There is no one eating style that is perfect for everyone, each individual needs to explore this for themselves. Together, we walk through a plan to help you find the most health promoting foods for you and help you eliminate those that may be causing you harm.


Turn Over
Your Leaf

Find your way back to a healthy and vibrant self. Contact me to get started with a preliminary consultation to discuss how I can help support you in achieving your health goals.


Upcoming Wellness


Herbal Infusions 101
September 2019

If there is one drink I ever do crave for all the right reasons, it would definitely be a Nettle infusion. As is the case with most people that integrate a regular nettle infusion into their routine, I found myself to have much more energy, stamina and alertness. Some people also see a decrease in seasonal allergies, inflammation and more. The benefits are lengthy.

Nature’s Flu Shots
October 2019

Looking for something natural to help you through flu season? In this presentation, I will share time-tested tips and tricks from nature to help you make it through cold and flu season with relative ease and comfort. You will leave knowing how to make your own Elderberry syrup, Echinacea tincture, and Germ Evading Bath Soaks. Get your toolbox geared up. Just in time for cold and flu season!

Fire Cider Making Workshop

November 2019

Something beyond beautiful is going on. It has my heart singing and I’m feeling so optimistic. The crispness of the fall air and the convergence with the last of the farm and garden bounty is upon us. Peppers are popping up everywhere and the roots are just about ready to be dug. Kids are back to school and along with those little ones germs are starting to come home. We are being called. It is fire cider making time.

Looking for Plant Soak?

My own line of medicinal herbal wellness soaks are available to order online! Rediscover an ancient practice worthy of incorporating into our modern life. I have been known to recommend herbal soaks to my clients to support and balance their body at fundamental levels. Botanical baths promote a feeling of well-being, encourage a state of relaxation and support proper body functioning. Suitable for adults and children. Experience the power of plants in your bath (or shower!) so you can fully enjoy all of the beauty life has to offer. Visit for more info