How I work

The most important thing that I do for anyone is hold their hand and walk along the path of healing with them. I am committed to empowering others through sharing knowledge that I was blessed to have received to help them make empowering health-promoting choices. I walk with you along this path of wellness, but I cannot walk for you.

I work with clients on an individual basis to find balance and harmony in their body. I use tools such as herbs, food, movement and lifestyle changes to cultivate vitality and wellness from within.

In order to help those I am most able to, I offer appointments in person, over the telephone, or through Skype.

I am currently unable to take on new clients. Thanks for your understanding.

Initial Intake Session

1 HOUR + $75

Whether we first meet in-person or we are on phone or video, we will discuss your past and current concerns and focus on the issues most important to you. We will discuss your history, goals and explore multiple approaches to achieving them.

Together, we will craft an individualized approach that addresses the herbal and lifestyle adjustments that may most benefit you. This appointment will take approximately1hour.

If we find these tenents of good health resonate with you, I would suggest us to engage in a Three Month Coaching engagement. See below for more information.


Three Month Herbal Wellness Coaching

THREE MONTHS $200 Per Month

I’ve found clients find the most success when they are able to commit focusing on their wellness shifts for a prescribed period of time. The three month coaching program provides that structure. Included in the monthly fee is:

•Two individual In-Person/Phone/or Skype Sessions

• Email correspondence throughout the month for clarification and shifting approaches

• Any research or information gathering I may do on your behalf

• Any educational materials I may pass along to you

After the three month engagement, you may decide to continue our bi-weekly appointments for as long as you like. You may stop at any time you wish.


Pay What You Can Session

1 HOUR + Personalized Cost

I very much feel like my work is a service to the greater community. In an effort to help provide assistance to those that most need it in a time when they are most vulnerable, I offer a limited number of “pay what you can” appointments each month. Contact me if you are interested. Please include the phrase “Pay What You Can” in the inquiry and briefly describe your situation. Please have compassion for others in great need and only request this type of appointment if absolutely necessary.




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I am currently unable to take on new clients. Thanks for your understanding.

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