Iā€™m Heather Bruntil, an herbalist who has committed to assisting individuals to take their health and wellness into their own hands. A lifetime of discovery and learning has brought me to this point. My own chronic illness led me to seek healing in a way where I felt empowered and capable of wellness. I work to help others find that same capability within themselves. I am grateful to be doing work that I am passionate about and feel connected to.

I work with clients on an individual basis to find balance and harmony in their body. I use tools such as herbs, food, movement and lifestyle changes to cultivate vitality and wellness from within. My approach is more about holding your hand as you walk the path of finding empowerment in the ways your body works and the ways nature is here to support life. I believe everything is interconnected, and I work to uncover the hurdles that are prohibiting people from living their healthiest most empowered life.